Easy Heart Bunting

Since the Crafty Bastards are going to be heading up a contest to get some fun kids’ crafts to inspire the video game driven youth of today, I decided to get the ball rolling a little early and introduce a super easy little craft to do with your wee ones.

My girls (4 and 6) are notorious for needing something to do at all times of the day.  I wanted to have a good 30 minutes free in order to get a bit of work done around the house so with a little bit of prep work I came up with this easy craft.


What you’ll need:

a few pieces of scrapbook paper


a heart template (I used a cookie cutter)

a pencil

some twine or thin rope/cord

a hole punch

markers/crayons/stickers (optional)


So just to make it a little easier for them, I turned each piece of paper over and traced hearts onto it.


Then they were able to cut out each of the hearts themselves and they decided they wanted to decorate them.  At first I was so reluctant because, well, I’ve been on pinterest too many times.  Then I remembered that they’re kids, and to them gaudy frozen decorations are the epitome of fun!  So I let them have at it.  At one point my 4 year old went on a strange tangent where one of her hearts was turned into a rainbow kitty.  Yeah, pretty much…


So once they were done decorating the hearts, I punched a hole into the top of each side of the heart.  They each got a length of string and were able to thread it onto the hearts in a big mangled clumpy formation.  I managed to fix the 6 year old’s, and to ignore the lack of randomness in the ordering of her hearts.


But the 4 year old… well… I loved it too much.


Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our Facebook page for contest details… coming soon!


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