Who are the Crafty Bastards?

It’s no secret that we are sneaky gals who use aliases over on our Facebook page– we like to have lighthearted fun while we are posting about awesome tutorials, patterns, all things handmade, and even some naughty funnies to brighten your day!   Well today we are giving you a treat! Care to meet some of us?

Click photo to open link to my Facebook page.

Hi! I’m Kristy and I suppose my main crafting these days is sewing. I started off sewing baby toys and have since moved onto making dolls. I’ve also been known to dabble at needle felting, cross stitching, knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, pottery, well… anything I can get my hands on really!

Click photo to open link to my Facebook page.

I’m Cathy! When I’m not chasing my seven homeschooled kids down to force them to do math or changing a million poopy diapers I’m making dolls in my studio! I also adore sewing dresses and bonnets for my wee lasses!

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I am Jody and I pretty much always need to be using my hands. My main crafty outlet is needle felting. I also make dolls when I can sneak one in. I have one four year old daughter, who has also inherited the need to create and hoard potential crafting supplies. When I am not making stuff , my hands are getting dirty in the garden or I am thinking about the million things I want to make.

Click photo to open link to my Facebook page.

I’m Dot, and I love getting crafty with food, paint, buttons, and jewelry! I have 5 kids, including two with autism, so it’s pretty hectic over here, but you can find me happily wrangling kids and making creative messes at any given time!

Click photo to open link to my Facebook page.

I am Alynn! I am a mom of 5 kids, and many furry family members! I enjoy using wool and other materials to make needle felted critters and creations.


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