GraceParfait Creations

We Bastards would like to introduce you to a very talented lady we’ve discovered!  Missy at GraceParfait Creations has a real gift for quilting as you can see when you look at her photos.  When we asked her a bit about herself, this is what she told us:

I have been creating since I was a small child. I helped to build things with my grandfather, cook sew, and embroider with my grandmother, create treasures from buckets of buttons, puzzle pieces, and other various found objects with my grandmother’s sister, who was blessed with 8 sons and treated me like her princess, and at home was encouraged to help my father with woodworking projects and building computer circuit boards.


Her ideal crafting environment is a studio where her machines are always ready to sew and she has an abundance of materials. I mean, this is like a crafter’s dream right? Never having to thread a needle or fill a bobbin? She also prefers to have an audiobook playing, which I’ve actually never thought of. What a great idea!


She has a wonderful husband who is supportive of her erratic and obsessive nature. He’s a soldier in the US Army and has been deployed more often than she can count. They have 5 children (ages 18, 15, 14, 10 and 8). They blend homeschooling and public school depending on the situation at the time. Because of this life has been busy and she hasn’t been able to take on much custom work but she’s hoping that’ll change soon!


Man, we just can’t find anyone to confess to crafting naked! Though Missy has a great excuse… in her words “Also, have you ever used a rotary cutter? When cutting fabric, it is necessary to bend over the fabric to cut it with quite possibly the sharpest tool known to women. I can’t image having to explain to the Dr in the emergency room how I lost a nip.”  By the way, that last part made my day.

And while she crafts clothed to spare her body parts and her children’s eyes, she does admit to being a partial bastard while also being part saint. I think we’re all a bit like that.


So be sure to check out Missy’s page and once she’s able to take on some more custom work I’m sure she’d love to make you something beautiful for your home or your kids!


Happy Crafting!!


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