Little Miss P Inspired

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to interview Brigitte, of Little Miss P Inspired, and apart from donating her time to answer our questions, she has donated one of her creations for a GIVEAWAY!!!


Look at this gorgeous gal! She’s got looks AND talent! Brigitte is the mastermind behind Little Miss P Inspired, named after her daughter. She creates awesome signs, does custom embroidery, makes the cutest hair pretties and hand-sewn items! So follow along to hear more about her, and to check out her work, including a sweet prize that you can get your hands on!


CB-When did you know you were a born crafter?

Brigitte- I’ve loved crafts and the arts for as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid, most of my friends asked for expensive toys for birthdays or Christmas but I often asked for paint by numbers, friendship bracelet kits etc.
In high school I opted to take Arts instead of Music. My teacher was amazing and to this day I still stop and chat whenever I see her.  My love for artistic expression grew. I realized that I could not only craft but sketch, paint etc.
As I got older I got busier and my hobby took a backseat until I had my daughter, at which point my love of arts and crafts yet again expanded into Little Miss P inspired.


CB-When/how did you realize you could profit off of it?

Brigitte- When my daughter Miss Peyton, was almost a year old, I sat down with my husband and told him I felt really strongly about being the one to raise our daughter. That it would make me extremely happy to take a break from my career and stay home with her until she went to school. Lucky for me he was completely on board with it…with one exception.  Since we’d become a one income family, I had to ditch my already growing baby hair accessory addiction. 🙂
I wasn’t about to do that!!!
The only logical solution… Make them myself!
It was fun and so therapeutic to have a hobby again for the long hours when my baby girl napped.
Family and friends started telling me that I should consider selling some. And then strangers started saying the same thing. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was selling hair accessories, tutus, hand sewn items like slippers bibs etc. and the business just grew from there from my interests.
I included embroidery to my list of services and eventually hand painted signs and other home decor.


CB- Who/what inspires you?

Brigitte- My daughter inspires me every day to be better and do better. And I could never accomplish it all without the help and support of my amazing husband.


CB- What’s your process like?  How do your ideas come to you and what’s your ideal crafting environment?

Brigitte- I think like most crafters/artisans etc. my mind is always busy! It’s hard for me to sit and “do nothing”. My hands need to be occupied whether it be sewing, painting, surfing FB in my phone.
When your mind is going a mile a minute you pull ideas from everything! A post on Facebook, a shop window as I walk downtown, a few words a friend says mid-sentence. Needless to say on my phone I have a disgusting amount of bookmarks, photos, notes. LOL!
I also LOVE being able to work outside! It doesn’t work for everything I make, but when I can I haul my supplies to the backyard and work while I watch my daughter play.


CB- We all have family obligations, what are yours and how do you work around them?

Brigitte- let’s see… I’m a Wife, mom, daughter, friend, creator/designer for Little Miss P Inspired,  teacher, ultimate frisbee player and I love to run when I get the chance.
Honestly, it’s not easy to juggle it all. In fact it’s becoming increasingly difficult because my daughter now has activities and engagements as well. In addition she will be starting school in September and going to Senior Kindergarten (which scares me to death).
In reality in means a lot of 3am bedtimes. When things are going on during the day (such as teaching) all of my custom orders need to be completed at night. Such is life!


CB- Do you ever craft naked?  Why?  Or even better, why not?

Brigitte- Not a chance! Lol
A few reasons why not: Table saw, Palm sander, Hot Glue, Acrylic top coat for paint, Needles.
Need I say more!??
Ok but seriously… I don’t have curtains in my craft room yet, since we only moved to this house a few months ago, and our new neighbor is a police officer… I’m pretty sure there’s a law about exposing yourself to your neighbors.


CB- Tell us about one of your crafting injuries, or something that made you pull your hair out.

Brigitte- I once had to prep about a dozen signs at the same time. Let me tell you, after a whole afternoon of sanding, I could barely lift my arm the next day.
But seriously apart from a few sore muscles, minor cuts, glue gun burns and needle standings… Nothing too bad yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me people!!!


Thanks for answering all our invasive questions, Brigitte!
We just love getting to know the creator behind the creations!
And Brigitte has generously offered this beautiful headband, that should fit a toddler-adult sized head, for our giveaway we will be hosting over on our Facebook page on Wednesday!
So keep an eye out over there!
Be sure to follow Little Miss P Inspired over on her page too.



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