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Our next interview/giveaway features the lovely Kristy of Honey Lime Designs!

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This gorgeous gal is a jack of all trades, but specializes in creating beautiful handmade dolls! hld6

So just how did she become such a crafty bastard??
Kristy’s mom’s side of her family are all crafters.  Her mom creates with stained glass now, but growing up she made all of her clothes etc.  Her grandparents were wonderful painters and used to teach classes, and her grandfather made clocks and jewelry.  She used to sit with her mom and aunts at their craft fairs and those feelings of warmth and community come right back these days when she sells at her own fairs.


We asked Kristy when she realized her natural creativity could become more of a business than a hobby, and she said it was when she was on maternity leave with her second child.  “Etsy was in full swing and I started wanting to buy all of these toys for my daughter and realized maybe I should just make my own.” Then, after some close friends gave her that final nudge, she opened Honey Lime Designs!


Kristy is inspired by the people who touch her life.  “I’m inspired by the clients who come back to me and show me photos of their children getting joy out of the things I create.  It sounds silly but it’s truly what makes it worthwhile.” We Crafty Bastards understand that- it’s not silly at all! She went on to say, “I think most handmade goods are first a labour of love, your love for what you’re creating and the love of the people who welcome those things into their lives.”
We just love her attitude about handmade!!


When we asked her about what her process was like, she replied,  “My brain is like an overactive fluttering butterfly.  I have endless amounts of things that I want to create and never enough time to do it.  I try to write lists and draw pictures to keep things straight in my head but really I just let the urge to make a particular thing come to me and go for it.  It’s probably why I’m a bit all over the place 🙂  Occasionally I take on custom orders which I also love doing, and then I pretty much just find out what it is that my client is looking for and work with that.”


We all have family obligations, but what are Kristy’s and how does she work around them?  She has a full time job and two young children, so her days are pretty full just trying to stay on top of the multitude of responsibilities in her world.  Once her children are asleep she usually allows herself a bit of time to unwind-  that’s what this is for her- she says, “It recharges my soul.”
Amen sister, crafting is a lifeline!


We felt the need to ask her if she ever crafts naked, and she had to say no-  but only because of the big window near her sewing machine and her nosy neighbors. Good to know we can get her some blinds and she will come over to the naked crafting side 😉


Here is a fun fact about Kristy:

Cross our hearts, and hope to die, she ACTUALLY stuck a needle in her eye:  “I admit it.  Not my proudest moment.”
HAHAHA! We are glad to have that piece of information!

Now,  we are SO lucky, because Kristy is going to be giving one of her super cute dolls away over on our Facebook Page on Wednesday:


Serena is a 9″ Honeybee Doll, and she can be all yours- so make sure to keep an eye out for this giveaway!

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us get to know you Kristy!! Isn’t she great?
Make sure to follow her at Honey Lime Designs on Facebook, get an eye full of awesome over on Instagram, and check out her creations on Etsy, too!


3 thoughts on “Honey Lime Designs

  1. I absolutely love these dolls how do I order some and how much are they. My daughter would love them so much awwweee


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