Giveaway Time!!!


We may be bastards but we love to support handmade businesses.  As people who get an immense amount of satisfaction out of taking raw ingredients and shoving them all together to form something new (successful or not), we certainly value the time it takes and the creativity involved in being a handmade artist.

One of the original goals of our group was to create a site where we could inspire people to get out there and create.  Or for people who aren’t much for getting their hands dirty, a place where they could find value in the handmade community.

We’ve decided to finally get the ball rolling and to start things off we’re going to be doing a series of giveaways!  We’ve been canvassing some of our fans and friends to see if they’d be willing to donate items in order to spread the word that handmade is where it’s at!

We do have other plans for our vendors but for now it’s all about excitement.  So starting next Wednesday (April 22nd) we’re going to have a series of talented artists featured.  And we’re always looking for more so if this is something you’d like to participate in, please send us a pm!

Stay tuned!  Details coming soon!!!


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